Dwarf Rabbits

It is one of my life’s greatest achievements – importing and setting up a dwarf rabbit breeding program in Vanuatu. I have brought my prized stock from New Caledonia from a breeder dedicated solely to dwarf rabbits and ensured a wide selection of colours, coat lengths and sub-breeds (dwarf angora, dwarf lion-head, etc).

vt 20’000 per rabbit
each additional one half price

Males only for sale. Only light and dark grey short haired at this price, other colours and coat lengths are sold at a premium.

If you wish to buy a female you will need to pay for desexing with the vet.

And here is a selection of past and present rabbits to showcase the variety available. Many more photos are available here.

Each rabbit comes with 3kg of free rabbit food to get you started plus advice and demonstration on care and feeding. Additional food is available for purchase in town in the Farmer Shop. But you can also just feed them various greens and vegetables from your garden.

I offer pet sitting for your rabbit at just vt500 per day or 2’500 per week. Discount rates available for long stays. So you can have a peace of mind he is well cared for while you are on holidays.

I also offer hutches for sale at 10’000 vt as shown below. I can build a custom one on request, just send me the photos and I will provide a quote.

Last but not least, rabbits are very social animals and while your company and that of your children and other pets would make the rabbit happy, I do encourage people to purchase two at the same time and offer a 50% discount on the second rabbit.

If you are interested to come for a visit and meet my cute furry babies feel free to call or sms 77 10 123 or get in touch through the site or on Facebook messenger.

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