Pocket Rockets – Latte Litter 2019

Introducing Latte litter 2019 “Pocket Rockets” – tiny short hair purebred Chihuahuas. They will stay puppy size their entire lives.

Born 10th January 2019 they are now over 8 weeks old and ready to go to their forever homes. At this age they have not yet exhibited fully distinct personalities but suffice to say they are all playful, cuddly and loving – and is probably the smallest puppy you will ever see. This is the last time I am breeding these.

60’000 vt +15’000 prepaid desexing for black ones

70’000 vt +15’000 prepaid desexing for the unique beige male

Second pet half price so get a couple or pick up another pet or come to choose one with a friend.

Installment payments also available.

Smallest dogs it the country these cat-cuddling snuggle buddies are the best life companion for children and adults alike. I have kept Chihuahuas for over 8 years now and continue falling in love with them more and more with every litter. Super affectionate and friendly with strangers all they want to do is be held and hugged. They are the ultimate dog you can have with you everywhere. We have been totting ours around Port Vila for years and wish to spread the joy these darlings bring to their owners and everyone who meets them.

More photos and videos are available here.

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