Welcome to Port Vila’s Only Free Range Dog Sitting

Your pet no longer needs to be left out when you go on a holiday.
Book him or her into our luxury pet paradise resort while you are away.

We offer a dog sitting service free from cages and kennels – your dogs become part of our family during their stay and are treated like our own – free to roam and play during the day and cuddle in at night on the bed.  We have dogs ranging in size from Chihuahua to Doberman so he or she will be sure to find the perfect play mate. It is not uncommon for our guests to not want to go back home with their owners when the time comes to say goodbye, which is the best testimonial a dog can give. Each guest receives a digital photo album of their stay to remember their holiday.

We take great care with adaptation and socialization of the new guests using a proven long leash technique. At first attached but on the bed and by my side to get used to the new place and pals, then untied but self-catching on the surrounding bush in a case of any wandering and finally leash free when they are fully integrated and feeling at home.

Their stay here also serves as a socialization and weight loss boot camp for those who need it. Dogs leave their holiday in much better shape and very well behaved and socialized with a wide array of other dogs and animals. Even the most worrisome temperaments have been successfully dealt with so discuss your furry friend quirks with us if there are any concerns. If you require extra security measures, daily photo updates or multiple pet housing don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

We own and thus can cater for a wide range of animals – no matter what your pet choice is, contact us today if they need a loving home while you are away. We have an unused spare room in the house for cats and plenty of chicken coops and other enclosures to house a wide array of animals.

Longer stays and pet fostering and rehoming services also available. As our reputation grows, we get calls for any dogs available for adoption so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are leaving the country permanently and need help finding a loving home for your friend.

See photos of past guests at www.portvilakennel.com/photos/

We are located just 30 minutes from Port Vila down Devil’s Point Road. Pop in for an inspection and a doggy play date anytime.

2000vt/day or 10’000vt/week