Introducing – Cat Dog!
After years of careful selection and breeding Polina’s Pet Paradise is proud to introduce our very own breed of cat called “Cat Dog”. First kittens available for sale now.
For all you “dog” people out there who ever thought of getting a cat, or people with dogs who were afraid a cat won’t fit with the rest of the pack – this is the cat for you.
Our very special cat Maya always prefered to hang with the dogs whether it be sleeping with them side by side or playing with the puppies. She even wags her tail occasionally but does not bark (yet). Of course, Maya herself is not for sale, but her very first litter of offspring is.
Mini, Mimi and Mayo grew up with a litter of puppies Рas well as goats and chickens and exhibit all the traits of their mother including the stunning tri-colour. You can find a collection of photos here
One kitten vt4000. Since it is always best to have them with a buddy to ensure they are happy and well adjusted and don’t stray or wander as they get older, I am offering a second (and a third!) kitten for half price.
I kept an entire litter of 3 last year as each one was extra special in some way and it was the best decision I ever made – it is and has been an unending joy to watch them grow together, interact and live in their own special kind of kitty family.

More pictures available at

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