The Brains & The Brawn

Polina’s Pet Paradise is very proud to announce a new SUPER litter of puppies. These are the healthiest, chubbiest, beautiful-est looking tiny dogs I have had a pleasure of seeing or raising and will be sure to delight their new families with their personalities, intellect and looks. They were born on the 10th of August 2017 and while I would have liked to keep them to the customary 8 weeks from birth, they have been eating solids for several weeks and have been acting like small dogs each with their own unique personalities and capacities for some time so I think they are ready to go to their forever homes now and spend that little extra puppy time bonding with their new families instead. I invite everyone to come out and meet them and choose the right one for you.

I was told Rottweiler gene is a very strong one and these did not disappoint. Not a single Blue Heeler looking pup (sorry, mom!) and the brown sable is likely from the father’s mother who was a brown Rottweiler looking dog.

You can see a large collection of photos here
(if nothing appears when you open the page try to reload it a few times, Google Photos service seem to have issues loading with Vanuatu Internet connections).

Mr Weiler.
I am the most Rottweiler looking boy of the litter – AND I am fluffy! So you can’t go wrong.

RESERVED Miss Weiler. I am the Rottweiler girl through and through, not as fluffy as my brother there but very sweet and laid back.

Mr Bear.
I can’t take a good picture to save my life, but I am the biggest, fattest and fluffiest one of the litter. My favorite things to do are to eat and sleep so don’t wake me up unless you have some food but you can always give me more cuddles.

Mr Father’s Son
They say I look the most like my dad with my super shiny short coat, intense stare, and chin folds. I like to read Dostoyevskii and ponder life. Yes, I am a very serious boy but always make time for play as well.

You know every litter has that ONE special puppy. You guessed it – in this one its ME! I was the first to look up at my human and register and I keep coming back for more and more cuddles and interactions. My brothers and sisters are fun and all but bonding with my peeps is what I am really loving about growing up. And did I mention I am chunky as well. All of us sable beauties are.

Mr Runt
I am the Runt but I don’t know it. I am everywhere all at once and nothing happens without me. I am the only one possessing the remotely blue heeler-y mark of white spotted chest and I will be sure to make our mom proud. I like to interact with ALL of the many animals I see around here – cats are my favourite pals!

Mr Colourful
I got it all going on and am not afraid to flaunt it. My nickname is Teddy because I am not quite as big and round as my brother Mr Bear, I am a close second. And I am certainly the best looking with my colourful fur patterns and a matching outgoing personality to boot.

The Twins
Believe it or not, at our 6 weeks of age our human still can’t tell us apart. We are a canine version of twins and she thinks we absolutely must go to our new family together to grace and protect their yard and get all the compliments on our stunning matching looks. You guessed it right, we are always getting into trouble because we can blame it on the other, haha!
vt80’000 for the pair

The Dad
They are all going to look like me when they grow up, I’ve done well.

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