The Brains & The Brawn

Polina’s Pet Paradise is very proud to announce a new SUPER litter of puppies. These are the healthiest, chubbiest, beautiful-est looking tiny dogs I have had a pleasure of seeing or raising and will be sure to delight their new families with their personalities, intellect and looks. They grew up around cats, free-range chickens of all ages, baby goats and other dogs and were free to roam without being stuck in a pen, so they are extremely well socialised and adapted and would make a perfect new member for any family and environment. I would ask that they are adopted as true family members with lots of love and cuddles and not simply as yard guard dogs. They were born on the 10th of August 2017.

I have been searching high and low and even researching dog genetics to determine the sable brown colour of half of this litter but looking several generations up both family trees did not produce anything similar. Rottweiler father has Rottweiler and Rottweiler cross as parents. And Blue Heeler mother is a purebred working line heeler with both parents imported from Australia “with papers” – Blue Heeler mother and Red Heeler dad. It was fun reconstructing the family tree but it did not explain anything. And the sable ones are BIG dogs, much bigger than their black Rottweiler brothers and sisters. So now I am certain that they were fathered by my neighbour’s large purebred German Shepherd. We live in a very small remote community and there are absolutely no other dogs within kms from where I live that look remotely like that. I know most if not all dogs in the area. And looking at German Shepherd puppies online – this is exactly them in colour markings and size. The only difference is that some of mine are really short haired which might be a plus in this climate and require much less maintenance.

Note on colour: German Shepherds go through many colour changes as they mature. The best indicator is the colour at birth and colour of the parents. Their dad is a large quite dark coloured GS and at birth, all sable puppies were quite dark also (as seen in my extensive album linked below, at the very bottom).

You can see a large collection of photos here. If nothing appears when you click the link then try to reload it a few times, Google Photos service seem to have issues loading with Vanuatu Internet connections.

I conduct an interview with potential new owners to match the best pup to their lifestyle and family based on their temperament and to ensure the dogs go to the best home possible.

Without further ado, meet each one virtually below.


Mr His Father’s Son
They say I look the most like my dad with my super shiny short coat, intense stare, and chin (and now also forehead) folds. I love to play with chickens, kittens, puppies – and humans alike. And I absolutely love belly rubs! I know what “NO” means – I stop whatever I am doing and roll over with my paws up in the air – I “give up”! (- I wish I could teach all my other dogs this neat trick which he seems to be doing all on his own). Very smart, very quick to learn new tricks and absolutely eager to please. A stunner and a joy to interact with. We are still scratching our heads how come this one was not the first one to go.


Mr Alpha Shepherd
This is the one that looks like all the German Shepherd puppy pictures online – a fluffy, chunky sable ball of goodness. He is the alpha male of the bunch – super confident and assertive and even tries to order his mom around. Always the first one on the line to bark with the big dogs at the sign of intrusion – a true natural protector and true to his breed in every way. He even has a V patch of adult black hair on his tail – another distinctive trademark of the GS. Sure to be an incredible dog when he grows up but will require strong leadership of another alpha male. Best for experienced “dog” people.


Mr Cool
One of the two nearly identical twins. I could only tell these two apart by week 7 when one started becoming lighter and another one darker. Otherwise, they are an exact copy of each other. I decided to keep his brother for myself as they are developing into an extremely good looking dog with outstanding temperaments. I am envisaging a large stunning super short haired German Shepherd. Their bodies and especially the hind legs look like a lion’s! I even have a name already picked out – Tropical Shepherd.
This boy is very relaxed and laid back so perfect for a family with very young children, won’t attempt to dominate them as he grows older but will always be by their side to serve and protect.


Mr Favourite
Due to the reasons listed above and the fact that I wanted to get a German Shepherd for years, I decided to keep this one and watch him develop into what I think is going to be a stunning looking dog with an amazing personality and mind.


SOLD Miss Weiler.
I am the Rottweiler girl through and through, not as fluffy as my brother there but very sweet and laid back. I love snuggling up to other dogs and humans alike.


Mr Weiler.
I am the most Rottweiler looking boy of the litter – AND I am fluffy! As you can see, I am a poser and know my stunning good looks.


Mr Colourful
I got it all going on and am not afraid to flaunt it. My nickname is Teddy because I am not quite as big and round as my brother Mr Bear, still I am a close second. And I am certainly the best looking with my colourful fur patterns and a matching outgoing personality to boot.


SOLD Miss Social
You know every litter has that ONE special puppy. You guessed it – in this one its ME! I was the first to look up at my human and register and I keep coming back for more and more cuddles and interactions. My brothers and sisters are fun and all but bonding with my peeps is what I am really loving about growing up. And did I mention I am chunky as well. All of us sable beauties are.


Mr Well Dressed
I am not sure why they called me the Runt at first, I am actually taller than all my brothers and sisters and meticulously dressed – black tux, white shirt, and white tipped shoes on all 4 paws. See you at the next Rottweiler ball!

Rottweiler Dad
His dad was a huge purebred Rottweiler and mother was a Rottweiler cross. Can be visited and viewed if interested.

German Shepherd Dad.
Getting old now but still, he is by far the biggest dog in our neighbourhood and one of the best remaining in the country.

Blue Heeler Mom.
Both parents were imported from Australia with papers from a working line Heelers. Mom purebred Blue Heeler and dad purebred Red Heeler.


I invite everyone to come out and meet them and choose the right one for you.
Call 7710123 or email [email protected] to organise a visit.

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